Floral Chain Maille

The Floral Chain Maille collection is inspired by the petal-like form found within the pores of a piece of coral. Each individual ‘flower’ is unique and slightly irregular, but together they make up an organized pattern on the coral’s surface. Translated to metal, 78 hand-formed wire floral forms come together in a lacy chain maille that accompanies the body’s contours and movement. What at first glance seems symmetrical reveals itself to be composed of asymmetrical, irregular components. The jewelry is delicate yet substantial, the style informed by the tradition of silver filigree work done in Ibo, Mozambique, Southern Africa.

  • Floral Chain Maille Necklace – 18k Gold

    Hand-formed 18k yellow gold links, 17"x4"

  • Floral Chain Maille Necklace – Mixed

    Mixed metals Floral Chain Maille Necklace with sterling silver and 18k gold.

  • Floral Chain Maille Necklace – Sterling Silver

    hand-formed sterling silver wire, 17"x4"

  • Mixed Floral Chain Maille Necklace on Model

    Floral Chain Maille Necklace in 18k gold and sterling silver on model.

  • Floral Chain Maille Bracelet – Sterling Silver

    hand-formed sterling silver wire, 7"x0.5"

  • Floral Chain Maille Earrings – Sterling Silver

    hand-formed sterling silver wire, 2"x0.5"

  • Floral Chain Maille Sketch

    Inspiration sketches of pieces of coral.

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